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Welcome to Schlesinger Pain Centers!

Welcome to what we hope will agree is the best pain clinic in Los Angeles. Welcome to a place that is all about you and relieving your pain. Welcome to a place where you come first, not your insurance company, not your HMO, not even your mother, you! I cannot promise that we will be able to relieve your pain, but I can promise that we will listen to you, that we will do our best to answer your questions and that we will provide you with as much relief as current knowledge permits.

Pain Facts

Did you know...
•According to the American Medical Association, chronic pain is under-treated.

•The majority of people suffering with chronic pain have been living with their pain for over 5 years, almost 6 days a week.

•People just like you are most often reluctant to report their true level of pain. Even so, people who do report pain are most often under-treated.

•Too few health care professionals are adequately trained in pain management and the appropriate use of medications.

•Unrelieved pain has significant negative physiological and psychological effects that impair your daily life.

•The American Pain Society emphasizes an individualized pain-control plan, frequent reassessment and the appropriate use of medications and other treatment modalities to alleviate pain.

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