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Back Rehabilitation – An Overview

By | February 24, 2015

We have spent a great deal of time discussing the individual component parts of our back rehabilitation program. In today’s blog I will finally attempt to put all of the pieces together and show you how the program is implemented. When a patient comes to see us for the first time at Schlesinger Pain Centers […]

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My Favorite Yoga Positions

By | February 19, 2015

My favorite yoga poses include forward folds, cat, cow, cobras, bridges, low lunges spine rotations, side bends, warrior I, warrior II and of course downward dog. I do not use all of these positions every day and there are many other positions that I mix in to my daily 30 minute workouts. As I have said […]

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Spine Rotations

By | January 22, 2015

Spinal rotation takes place only in the thoracic spine because the facet joints there are tangential, whereas the facet joints in the lumbar spine are radial, directly blocking rotation. While the muscles producing spinal rotation are not as strong as those producing spinal extension their importance in sports such as baseball, tennis and golf are […]

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Lateral Flexion

By | January 19, 2015

Pure lateral flexion is one of the least utilized and weakest movements of the spine. It occurs evenly throughout the thoracic and lumbar spine. The most common malady associated with lateral flexion is degenerative scoliosis, which in most cases also involves a rotatory component as well. In can be caused by compression fractures or by […]

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Back Movements and Stretches 101

By | January 12, 2015

In the next several blogs I would like to examine one of the first steps toward positive back health, spinal flexibility with emphasis on distraction therapy. But first I would like to look at the types of motion that the spine is capable of, the places where these movements primarily take place and the strengths […]

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A Program of Positive Health

By | January 5, 2015

In this series of blogs we will pick up where we left off with the topic of back rehab and then move on to deal with what to do after the pain is gone. But before we get into the nuts and bolts of fitness regimes I would like to examine the title of this […]

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Restorative Therapy Phase II

By | March 4, 2014

As the pain recedes we enter the second phase of the treatment and begin to attack the problem of lost flexibility using physical therapy and yoga therapy. Physical therapy at this stage usually involves hot packs, diathermy and supervised stretches. Unlike the medical parts of the first phase of treatment this second phase never really […]

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Yoga and You: A Family Affair

By | March 6, 2013

As I was waiting for yesterday night’s adaptive yoga class to start at the Schlesinger Pain Centers Burbank office I had the chance to observe the conversation of a mother and her grown daughter, both regular participants in the class. Later the conversation expanded to include a lady to the right of the daughter and […]

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Yoga and You: Adaptive Yoga, The Social Dimension

By | March 4, 2013

I’m sorry, but we had a very busy day yesterday at Schlesinger Pain Centers and I never got a chance to finish this blog and publish it. I did get a chance to attend the noon adaptive yoga class and am happy to report that attendance continues to grow and more importantly a group of […]

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Yoga and You: Regular Yoga, The Social Dimension

By | March 1, 2013

Yoga is primarily a social endeavor. To those who practice yoga regularly this may seem simple to the point of being obvious, whereas to those who do not practice regularly this may be counterintuitive. After all it can be argued that, for the most part, all of the positions are all achieved by a single […]

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