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Back Rehabilitation – An Overview

By | February 24, 2015

We have spent a great deal of time discussing the individual component parts of our back rehabilitation program. In today’s blog I will finally attempt to put all of the pieces together and show you how the program is implemented. When a patient comes to see us for the first time at Schlesinger Pain Centers […]

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Surgery in the Setting of Back Rehabilitation

By | February 23, 2015

Surgery and back rehabilitation are rarely discussed in the same setting but this is in my opinion a mistake. We at Schlesinger Pain Centers know from past experience that 50% of our patients will need surgery at one time or another. We know that past success of conservative management is not an absolute predictor of […]

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The Long Road Back: Different Tissues, Different Rehab Schedules

By | April 10, 2014

Why does it take so long rehabilitate a back in the elderly? You will remember that I estimated one month for each year of inactivity. This means that in the average 60 year old who has spent most of his adult life as a couch potato 40 months or over 3 years of exercise. The […]

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Sciatica Sidelines Superstar – Woods to Miss Masters

By | April 2, 2014

After playing with a bad back for most of the year Tiger Woods finally underwent “successful” back surgery on Monday. In the next several blogs we sill look at Tiger’s injuries as well as the flaws in his swing, conditioning curriculum and rehabilitation regimens that have cripple the golfer seemingly in the prime of life. […]

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The Long Road Back: Special Rehabilitation Problems of the Elderly – General versus Limited Rehabilitation

By | March 31, 2014

After last week’s Hollywood moment here at Schlesinger Pain Centers, we return to the problems of rehabilitation for the chronic pain patients with special emphasis on the largest segment of those patients, the elderly. People often fail in designing rehabilitation programs for the elderly because they base them on programs used for the young, often […]

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Restorative Therapy Phase III

By | March 5, 2014

The third phase of treatment involves exercise therapy to restore strength and muscular balance to the lower back and legs. At Schlesinger Pain Centers we believe that the patient should be pain free before starting this phase of treatment. Like the second phase of therapy designed to restore suppleness we believe that the third phase […]

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Restorative Therapy Phase II

By | March 4, 2014

As the pain recedes we enter the second phase of the treatment and begin to attack the problem of lost flexibility using physical therapy and yoga therapy. Physical therapy at this stage usually involves hot packs, diathermy and supervised stretches. Unlike the medical parts of the first phase of treatment this second phase never really […]

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Fireplaces and Pain Relief

By | January 16, 2013

As I sit here roughly twelve hours before the publication of this blog I am reminded of another tool to combat pain well known to the ancients which has been almost forgotten by we moderns is the fireplace. Most Americans warm their houses in the winter using forced hot air furnaces, in my opinion the […]

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When Your Back Goes Out: Physician Heal Thyself

By | August 31, 2012

By the next morning it was clear that this was not going to be quick and simple. It was hard to roll over or get out of bed. In fact, while I had only minimal discomfort at rest, any movement at all sent shock waves of pain throughout my lower back. I dragged myself to […]

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