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Comprehensive Care: Chronic Pain as a Complex Syndrome

By | November 19, 2012

In our search for the best pain clinic in Los Angeles we have spoken about comprehensive care a number of times, but we have never looked at why it may be more important in the treatment of pain than in other conditions. That pain is a multifaceted problem seems almost to simple to be worth […]

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The Problems with Surgery Centers: Staffing

By | October 22, 2012

In our ongoing exploration of the problems associated with doing pain management injections in a surgery center setting, the most vexing is quality and inconstancy of the staff. Pain management is never the primary focus of a thriving surgery center. It is always viewed as a way to make a little extra money in the […]

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The Best Pain Clinic in Los Angeles: Equipment

By | October 10, 2012

  In the search for the best pain clinic in LA one of the best discriminants is the quality, vintage and condition of the equipment that the doctor uses. I estimate that between the fluoroscopy, ultrasound and radiofrequency equipment not to mention the more mundane telephone, computer and EMR systems it cost between a quarter […]

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The Recent Steroid Scare

By | October 8, 2012

I would like to use the recent epidural steroid scare as the jumping off point for a new series of blogs dealing with the best pain clinic in Los Angeles and its relentless pursuit of excellence. As many of you are probably aware there has been a recent nationwide epidemic of fungal meningitis, which has […]

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The Best Pain Clinic in LA: Getting It Right the First Time – Iatrogenic Drug Addiction

By | August 24, 2012

One of the most frequent problems that the best pain clinic in Los Angeles would have to deal with is actually not a pain condition at all, but rather a complication of poor treatment. Estimates of the magnitude of the problem are poor because doctors are often reluctant to make a diagnosis that might reflect […]

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The Best Pain Clinic in LA: Getting It Right the First Time

By | August 22, 2012

As we return to our search for the best pain clinic in Los Angeles, I would like to examine an interesting character trait we see in many of our patients here at Schlesinger Pain Centers, the belief in second chances. Many patients want to put their trust in low cost or local providers, with the […]

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A Doctor You Can Trust: Empathy and Life Experiences

By | June 26, 2012

  As a doctor you are called upon to treat a large variety of very different patients. It is because of this that practice experience and life experiences are so important. The ability to understand and empathize with persons who may have very different backgrounds and aspirations is something that can only be learned slowly […]

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A Doctor You Can Trust: Sympathy and Empathy Concluded

By | June 25, 2012

                                                          Last week, I saw a new patient in consultation whom had been referred to Schlesinger Pain Centers by a local spine surgeon, with the diagnosis of […]

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A Doctor You Can Trust: Empathy

By | June 21, 2012

Another essential component of a good medical care is the ability of your doctor to develop an empathic relationship with you and this is rarer than you may think. There are many doctors out there who genuinely care about their patients. They care about them as people and they care deeply about what happens to […]

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Personal and Medical Ethics: Because I Am Your Friend

By | June 15, 2012

Questions that begin or end with the phrase “because I am your friend”, raise red flags in my office. It implies that there is standard service and superior service and that I consciously choose who will receive which. This is simply not true. I made the decision long before I opened Schlesinger Pain Centers, that […]

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