Reform Your Own Healthcare

By | May 25, 2011

Is your insurance company more concerned with its bottom line than with your welfare?

I have been in and around medicine for over 30 years and I have heard a great deal about healthcare reform, mostly from payers who claim to be interested in quality, but in reality care only about cost. I have heard over and over about how either the government or the insurance companies knew what was wrong with healthcare and exactly how to fix it. I’m still waiting.

The problems with the healthcare system are multiple and complex. As I have said in other blogs or pages on this website, most of the real problems with healthcare arise from distortions of the normal doctor patient relationship often by the intrusion of a third party. Repair that relationship and return at least some of the responsibility for decision making to the patient and I am certain that many of the problems with the healthcare system will disappear.

As I said in the blog on Healthcare Reform: Defining the Debate, real healthcare reform will begin with you and me and slowly take hold as a grassroots movement. But in order for this to succeed you must do your part. You must reform your own healthcare. Find a doctor that you trust and work with him. Take responsibility for making the decisions about the kind of care you want. If you don’t feel that you are well enough informed ask your doctor to explain the options to you including the pros and the cons. If he won’t, find someone else who will.

In the end get the kind of healthcare that you are willing to accept. Demand better! Stand up and tell the government and the insurance companies, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Reform your own healthcare today and we’ll work on America’s healthcare tomorrow.

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