Lives Out of Balance: The Effect of Sunlight, Part 2

By | May 22, 2011

But perhaps we are approaching the problem from the wrong perspective. Instead of looking at the incremental effects sunlight on a variety of abstract bodily indices, perhaps we should look at the behavior of the human beings to light and darkness, sun and shade? What becomes clear is that sunlight makes us happy. We prefer light to darkness and that during the day most people will naturally move back and forth between sun and shade depending on wind, temperature and their current activities. Sun is an important part of our environment and we are happy, healthy and pain free, not in the abstract or in isolation, but in relation to that environment.

My advice for now is to stop worrying about a bunch of stupid questions and just get out there and enjoy the sunshine on another lovely Southern California day. That is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to go out and play golf with and a couple of old friends and I’m not even going to think about tomorrow’s heliotropic blog until after the sun goes down!

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