Wall Street Journal, Health Section: The Time to Innovate Is Now

By | March 28, 2011

Today’s Wall Street Journal correctly points out that the barriers to cost effective health care innovation are many and varied. Over the next several days we will take an in depth look at some of these problems as well as some simple things that you the patient can do to help.

The lead article in today’s Health Care Section of today’s Wall Street Journal,  “The Time to Innovate Is Now” is extremely prescient. In some ways doctors are quick to adopt new advance, such as in new drugs and medical procedures. In other ways they are extremely resistant of change, especially that involve areas of personal behavior such as the use of electronic medical records. But the article is also quick to point out that some of this is the fault of insurance companies, hospitals and the government. A good example is E-prescribing. In California as in many other states prescriptions for opioids and certain other medicines cannot be sent electronically. Many doctors feel that if they have to pick up the prescription pad for one or two medicines they might as well either write or print them all out.  At Schlesinger Pain Centers we E-Prescribe as much as possible, but wish that the government would make it easier.  In the next several pages we will examine some of the successes in innovative healthcare and some of the remaining barriers.

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