Mild Back Pain: Steroid Therapy

By | August 27, 2011

A fluoro shot showing the needle and the X-Ray contrast correctly placed in the lumbar epidural space.

We next discussed the possibility of corticosteroid therapy for her back pain. I explained that we could either give her pills in the form of a Medrol Dose Pak or an injection, an LESI. I explained that the injection was more effective because all of the medicine would be delivered directly to the area of the pain, rather than being dispersed throughout the body. For the same reason acute steroid side effects were less, but the risks of needle insertion were obviated.

Susan said that this was the reason that she had come to see me. Her two friends had both had injections and had done very well. I told her that her case was substantially different than theirs and that while a steroid injection might be just the thing to treat any chronic inflammation that was causing her pain, the injection might be totally ineffective as well.

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