In Search of the Best Pain Clinic in LA: Convenience Issues – Appointment Timeliness, Part 2

By | September 13, 2011

If medical office visits are unpredictable, operative procedures are even more so. Try to avoid afternoon appointments, which follow a morning in the OR.

Even with the best of intentions and even at the best pain clinic in Los Angeles, delays will occur. There are however a few things that you can do to try to stack the odds in your favor. Try to get the first appointment of the morning or the first appointment of the afternoon. We usually start on time and it’s just a fact of life that as the time passes delays tend to accumulate.

Another trick at most surgical practices is to find out which are the mornings that the doctor goes to the operating room. If office visits are unpredictable, operative procedures are even more so. All you need is one case that takes longer than expected or an emergency case that needs to be squeezed in and the whole afternoon can go up in smoke. So at the present time at Schlesinger Pain Centers, Tuesday afternoons are especially chancy.

Finally if you have had any recent imaging studies at an outside facility, always insist on a copy of the films, not just a report of the exam or disc. Nothing will slow your appointment down like films that won’t load or some stripped down browser that the doctor has never seen before. This is a quality of care issue, not just a matter of convenience. At Schlesinger Pain Centers we make a point of reviewing the actual films, because there are times when we disagree with the Radiologist’s readings and will alter therapy accordingly. If you bring us a second rate disc or worse yet no films at all, you are voluntarily forgoing an important part of our diagnostic services.

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