In Search of the Best Pain Clinic in LA: Convenience Issues – In Office Treatment

By | September 22, 2011


Most people wouldn't consider going to a chiropractor or a dentist who didn't have his own equipment. Why would you see a pain management physician who lacked the proper tools?

The best pain clinic in Los Angels offers many services and accommodations, but one of the things that the patients value most is the convenience of in office treatment. After over 25 years of clinical practice, I have gotten to be pretty good with a needle and a syringe of lidocaine. As such there are very few procedures or chronic pain conditions that I cannot do better and more safely under local anesthesia in the office than in a hospital environment

The patients appreciate saving both time and money by getting all of their care in the office versus a hospital or a surgery center. Most of the pain clinics in Los Angeles are small offices, used only for initial evaluations and follow up care. All treatments are done either in a hospital or surgery center. This means that for most patients, no treatment can be initiated at the time of the first visit. In addition to the extra time involved, additional costs of hospital or surgery center facility fees are incurred. Some pain clinics even do their injections under sedation, needlessly exposing the patients to the additional risks and expenses of anesthesia.

At Schlesinger Pain Centers, the only procedures routinely done in a hospital or surgery center are intrathecal pump (IDDS) and spinal cord stimulator (SCS) implants, which are open surgical procedures and stimulator trial lead placements. Although percutaneous procedures might theoretically not require anesthesia or sedation, stimulator trial lead placements are in fact fairly long and painstaking diagnostic tests, which usually involve the insertion of at least 3 or 4 large bore needles and then the precise placement of the individual electrodes. I have always felt that anesthesia provides a combination of patient comfort and extra operating time needed for accurate placement, warranting the additional time and expense.

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