No Treatment For You

By | October 27, 2011

The piecemeal denial of medical care by insurance companies on economic grounds is another sign of the impending collapse of the American healthcare system.

I am about to begin a very depressing series of blogs about the impending failure of the American healthcare system. I have resisted taking up the topic for months now, but after two patients in the last week had to be denied treatment on purely economic grounds I feel that I can no longer shirk my responsibility.

Each of these patients suffers from the chronic pain of severe disabling cervicogenic headaches for which there is effective treatment, cervical and occipital field stimulation. In each case their insurance companies declined to pay for the treatment because they claimed that the treatment is experimental, which it isn’t. Why some of my patients can receive this treatment and why it is denied to others as well as how we came to be in such a sorry state will be the subject of the following series of blogs.

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