In Search of the Best Pain Clinic in LA: Trigger Point Injections

By | December 10, 2011

Trigger point injections can provide long lasting relief from localized painful foci.

Trigger point injections can be thought of the intersection of western allopathic pain management and acupuncture. Myofascial trigger points are small painful areas, usually in large muscles. Recent studies of injection therapy confirmed the usefulness of needle placement (dry needling), much as in acupuncture and found only moderate additional benefit from any injectate, local anesthetics or steroids.  Botox as we have seen in the treatment of headaches may be different because the toxin is taken up by the neuron and transported back to the cell body where it exerts long term effects on metabolism and function. All of this supports the theory that trigger points are areas of abnormal nerve activity, but not a site of local tissue pathology. Repeated trigger point injections can sometimes produce long lasting relief of chronic pain and unlike acupuncture, trigger point injections are covered by most types of insurance.

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