New Years Eve

By | December 31, 2011

2011 was a year of innovation and clinical progress at Schlesinger Pain Centers and there is much to celebrate.

Before turning to the party hats and noisemakers, the banner signs and fireworks I would like to reflect on the accomplishments of the year, and there were many here at Schlesinger Pain Centers. In 2011 we started our fist yoga class. I am proud that both our Monday night class and our Tuesday night class are doing well and that a large number of our patients are benefitting from them. We also started a Chronic Pain Support Group in 2011 and began to offer therapeutic massage as part of our overall armamentarium. Both of these programs have been highly successful. Building on the success we had with traction therapy in 2010 we purchased a Teeter 650 in 2011 and while the revenue generated by this machine has been miniscule, it has had the desired effect of allowing us to transition many of our traction patients to home inversion spinal decompressive therapy.

There were also a few discouraging developments in 2011. Lakeside Medical Group, with whom we have had a long and productive relationship, declined to renew our contract and announced that as of March of 2012 they would replace us with a lower cost provider. We are still hopeful that an agreement can be reached to continue service to at least some our patients, since there are many services that we provide that other practitioners don’t, such as cervical transforaminal injections and complex cancer pain pumps. The Sisters of Providence blocked our efforts to upgrade the care offered to cancer patients both in Burbank and in Mission Hills by means of exclusive contracts with other providers at two of their area hospitals.

But, overall we are pleased and thankful for the blessings of the past year. I would like to thank the patients, the referring physicians and medical community in general for their enthusiastic support. I would also like to wish each and every one of you.

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