In Search of the Best Pain Clinic in LA: Cancer Pain Care, An Introduction

By | February 28, 2012

Cancer pain relief is a 24/7 commitment.

In our continuing search for the best pain clinic in Los Angeles, I would like to look at cancer pain care as a discriminant. Most pain clinics do very little cancer work. Many refuse to treat cancer patients at all. Both of these are predictors of poor care, not only for patients with cancer pain but for the patients with nonmalignant pain as well. While I will grant you that cancer patients are some of the most difficult patients I see, they are also among the most gratifying. In fact treating cancer patients is a major reason that I left anesthesiology to devote myself full-time to pain management. The best pain clinic in LA would know that cancer pain relief is a 24/7 commitment. Even when I was working 4 days a week in the pain clinic at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and only one day a week in the operating room, there were problems that would arise that were difficult to manage over the phone or required care beyond what our block shop model could provide. I started Schlesinger Pain Centers in the belief that if one is not fully committed to the treatment of cancer pain, it should be left to those who are. I would go so far as to say that the best cancer pain clinic in Los Angeles is probably the best overall pain clinic in Los Angeles.

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