Chronic Pain in the Young: Massage Therapy

By | March 14, 2012

I am a great fan of simple mechanical solutions to simple mechanical problems.

Chronic pain in the young comes with its own set of problems and potential complications. Injuries are inevitable in any rehab or exercise program. The question is, “How are you going to deal with these injuries?” Many of our patients at Schlesinger Pain Centers, even the young ones, are severely deconditioned due to their chronic pain. Strains and sore muscles are expected, but cannot be allowed to delay or sidetrack therapy. More medication is not the answer either. Even NSAIDs have side effects and risks. I prefer to use simple mechanical solutions to solve these simple mechanical problems. Intermittent or regularly scheduled massage sessions can be an important adjunct to both the pain relief and the rehabilitation processes. That is why we offer integrated massage therapy here at Schlesinger Pain Centers. Amy Flanzbaum, our Massage therapist will review your chart and discuss her treatment plan with Dr. Schlesinger prior to your first session and then periodically thereafter.

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