Website Renovation 2: A Personal Site

By | May 31, 2011

If the website is dull and generic, maybe the doctor is as well?

“So what was wrong with the old site”, you ask? To begin with, I am sure that you will all agree that this new site looks better than the old one. The first two editions of the website were totally my work and as many of my friends have told me, it was clear that I was a better doctor than web designer. While the new website has a fresh new look and is better organized than the old site, I assure you that the confusing content that you have come to expect will continue to mine and mine alone. I feel very strongly about this.

Many physicians buy flashy websites, designed, written and constructed by a professional Webmaster. In my opinion these sites all have a generic feel and tell you very little about the physician who paid for the site or the kind of care you will receive in his office.  Perhaps the care will be as generic and undistinguished as the website.

Not so on my site or in my office.  I want the website to have a personal touch in the same way I want the care we give to have a personal touch.   I trust that those of you who have been patients of mine for a while will here my voice in my in the blogs and the web pages. With the exception some cute new animated cartoons that we will be buying from Swarm Interactive, depicting the techniques for some of the injections, all of the discussions of diagnosis and practice describe the way that things are actually done here at Schlesinger Pain Centers. After all, if you wanted to know how it was done at the Mayo Clinic, you would have gone to their website, right.



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