The Roots of Poor Surgical Care: An Introduction

By | April 15, 2012

The problem of poor surgical care is pervasive and widespread.

Unfortunately the problem of poor surgical care that we touched upon in yesterday’s blog describing Claire’s unnecessary back surgery is not uncommon. I would venture to say that more than 50% of all surgeons in Los Angeles give substandard care. The reasons for this are legion, but dealing with the top half dozen or so will give you a feeling for the scope of the problem and the role that the best pain clinic in Los Angeles could have in dealing with it. The first reason for poor care could be poor training. Even if the surgeon is well trained he may not yet possess the experience to handle the more difficult cases. He may not have kept up with newer techniques or he may not do a sufficient number of cases to keep up his skill. He may lack the intelligence or the creativity to diagnose conditions correctly and to adapt therapy to variations of anatomy and physiology presented by the case at hand. He may have the intelligence but not the three dimensional spatial visualization skills and manual dexterity to implement the plan he has chosen and finally and most distressingly of all we have simple avarice. Starting with tomorrow’s blog we will examine each of these reasons in detail as well as some of the steps we take at Schlesinger Pain Centers to make surgery safer and more salutary for our chronic pain patients.

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