The Roots of Poor Surgical Care: Caseload

By | April 19, 2012

Surgeons with inadequate caseloads can get as rusty as this old knife.

The amount of work that a surgeon does on a monthly basis is an important discriminant in predicting the quality of that work.  In almost all cases a surgeon who does 20 cases a month will be more skillful than a surgeon who does 2.  At Schlesinger Pain Centers, I have seen surgeons of all specialties who opt out of various insurance plans and as the volume of their work decreases so does the quality.  It is an interesting paradox that a patient may select a surgeon who charges $40,000 for a given procedure and actually receive care inferior to that given by a surgeon who charges $4,000.  Again, helping the patients sort out these details would be part of the normal practice for the best pain clinic in Los Angeles.

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