You Deserve the Best Care – The Basic Fallacy of the Transactional Approach

By | May 17, 2012

Pavlov established the principles of operant conditioning over 100 years ago, only now it is being applied to physicians rather than by physicians.

As Luke (16:13) so aptly put it, “No man can serve two masters.” Let there be no doubt about it, those who favor the transactional approach to medical quality are in the service of the insurance companies and HCFA, not the patient. The only major advantage of this approach is that it can be applied prospectively, so that the carrot or the stick can be applied immediately, a tremendous advantage if your goal is to train an animal. In the results based approach, the success or failure of a particular treatment regimen may not be fully known for months or years. Reward or punishment is much less effective in controlling behavior when applied after a significant delay. At Schlesinger Pain Centers our focus is always on the patients.

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