General Health

By | February 12, 2011

As we have said in many other places in this website, Schlesinger Pain Centers are not your average pain clinics. Our focus is on the whole patient and not just one symptom. Our goal is not simply to relieve pain, but also to increase function and promote health.

Health is not merely the absence of disease and a sense of well being is not merely the absence of pain. Each is a positive good in and of itself that can be developed and utilized to meet the challenges of daily life. This distinction is critical because in medicine we often see states of health and disease, which coexist in the same individual for years. Many individuals with chronic diseases, which at the present time cannot be cured, such as diabetes, are nonetheless basically healthy, provided that the chronic disease can be controlled and other measures are taken to promote general health and prevent complications and comorbidities associated with the underlying condition.

Likewise, in pain therapy we often encounter painful conditions, which may be subject to amelioration, but not elimination. Here it is important to promote overall health and well being in order counteract the effects of the residual pain. This should be done by promoting mental health and physical health. The two approaches are really complimentary and not competitive. The most successful patients find ways to pursue both simultaneously and to integrate them into the fabric of their life

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