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By | June 2, 2012

At its best golf is not so much about the drama and the score as it is about walking around a park-like setting with your friends, laughing and hitting a silly little ball with a stick.

As an outgrowth of Schlesinger Pain Centers Weekend Warrior series I would like to look at a subject that has always intrigued me, the philosophical question of play. There is a quote that I have heard attributed to Bertrand Russell, “Play is an activity without purpose, but with intense meaning.”  This sums up the essence of play as well as any definition I have every heard. In this vein I played in small tournament at the club yesterday, but instead of the usual hype and drama of the Championship Tees, we had a large field, including most of the best golfers in the club playing from the far forward tee, tees usually reserved for children and the very old. People found themselves in places and situations very different from their usual games. In the end the result was one of the most enjoyable days of the tournament year, a day of intense competition punctuated by repeated farcical mishaps. In short it was play at its very best.

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