Cancer on the Weekend: Thursday Night Implantation

By | July 16, 2012

Schlesinger Pain Centers understands the urgency in dealing with cancer pain.

In our last blog we spoke of Nancy and her pump care over the past weekend. We know that the surgical implantation of an intrathecal drug delivery system is only the first step in therapy and there is a lot of care that needs to be given in the two or three days following implantation. How then was the decision made to proceed with implantation on a Thursday evening? There were many contributing factors. Nancy is a member of an HMO and we had been trying to get the trial and then the final implantation approved for over 3 weeks. Secondly, Nancy’s daughter is getting married in about a month and every day is critical in terms of wound healing and reaching a stable and effective drug infusion regimen. Finally, Nancy had severe neuropathic pain that simply could not be controlled by any other means. She had suffered a great deal in the several days after the trial catheter was removed, while we were waiting for the authorization to proceed and I just didn’t think that it was fair to ask her to wait another four and a half days, just for my convenience.

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