When Your Back Goes Out: Personal Lessons

By | September 5, 2012

Good health should be fun and relaxing.

As I sit here about a week after throwing my back out I am pleased to report that the pain is gone except for an occasional twinge right in the left L5-S1 facet joint and while I still experience stiffness in my lower back from time to time, it is minimal. I have returned to full activities and was even able to play a full round of golf yesterday without ill effects. So what have I learned from this episode? Firstly the treatments that we prescribe at Schlesinger Pain Centers work. Secondly I have found that function is even more important than pain. The more active I am the better I feel and the more I sit or lie around the stiffer and more painful my back becomes. Finally going forward I see prevention as the biggest challenge. Over the past five years I am sorry to admit that in the process of building Schlesinger Pain Centers I have allowed my life to become unbalanced with too much work and not enough free time. I had allowed my weight to creep up and my level of physical conditioning to deteriorate. I have made a new commitment to rebalance my life. I have already lost four pounds and have been able to practice yoga and exercise every day. Studies related to disease prevention are difficult and time consuming and since I have historically injured my back only every two to three years I will have to wait a long time to see if my efforts will really prevent recurrences of my pain. But I can tell you with absolute certainty that while I am waiting for the results of my study of one; I expect to feel better both mentally and physically.

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