The Best Pain Clinic in LA: Getting It Right the First Time – Choosing the Right Operation

By | September 7, 2012

While the X Rays may look pretty this 3 level laminectomy and fusion has produced severe straightening of the lumbar spine and has left the arthritic changes at L4-5 and the excessive angulation at L5-S1 unaddressed.

After helping to choose the best surgeon for the job, the best pain clinic in Los Angeles would also provide independent evaluation and counseling with respect to procedure chosen. Endoscopic surgery, microscopic surgery, fusion, the choices are bewildering. Many patients make the mistake of having more surgery than they really need or having an operation that doesn’t fully address their problems. Issues related to overall health, comorbidities and the ability to withstand the trauma of major surgery are issues that patients and their primary care physicians are rarely able to deal with alone. At Schlesinger Pain Centers we recommend for and against surgery on a daily basis. I feel that we are uniquely able to evaluate and balance the risks of surgical intervention vs. conservative care.

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