The Best Pain Clinic in LA: Unusual Conditions – Shingles

By | September 12, 2012

It is a little known fact that a few well placed nerve blocks can relieve the pain and speed healing in cases of shingles that are resistant to standard antiviral therapy.

Many supposed pain clinics really treat only one or two conditions, back pain or back pain with leg pain, but the best pain clinic in Los Angeles would strive to treat all conditions. While most physicians concentrate their efforts on the latest and greatest innovations coming out of the university laboratories, the best pain clinic in LA would also attempt to make a systematic study of older methods of treatment to see if there are still places where they might be useful. Shingles or acute herpes zoster is just such a condition. Although it is a very common condition it is rarely seen in pain clinics anymore because of recent advances in medical therapy. The zoster vaccine and modern antiviral therapy either prevent or treat the vast majority of cases, but at least once a month I get a call from a dermatologist or primary care physician asking me to see someone who has failed all medical therapy. Unfortunately, most physicians and even some purported pain management experts are unaware of the value of selective nerve root blocks in the treatment of acute zoster. These injections speed the healing of the rash and greatly decrease the incidence of post-herpetic neuralgia, but have fallen into disuse because other treatments are easier and less invasive. At Schlesinger Pain Centers we agree that all patients at risk should be vaccinated and that the first line treatment of an acute outbreak of shingles should be antiviral agents and perhaps a short course of oral steroids, but if after a week the patient is not responding to therapy a few injections can bring dramatic relief of pain and greatly accelerate the healing process.

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