Farewell Jackie

By | September 14, 2012

Our beloved front office manager, Jackie will be leaving today to return to her family in southern Illinois. She will be greatly missed.

Today we will all say our last farewells to Jackie our front office manager for the last 2 years as she prepares to return home to her family in southern Illinois. Jackie is the kind of intelligent, caring individual who brightens the day of everyone she meets. Her organizational and managerial skills have helped us launch a number of new programs at Schlesinger Pain Centers and expand many others. Jackie’s ability to multitask is prodigious and has improved the care given to countless patients. Her intelligence and attention to detail have allowed us to implement complex treatment plans that would have otherwise been impossible. Jackie’s self confidence and calm demeanor have allowed us get through many a day when the schedule literally went to hell in a hand basket. But Jackie will be missed not only as an employee, but as a friend. Her wit and sense of humor are uplifting. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Jackie is one of the reasons that we all look forward to coming to work at Schlesinger Pain Centers.

I am sure that Jackie will be a great success at whatever she decides to do. Our loss is southern Illinois’ gain and rather than bemoan the loss of a valued employee and good friend I will think back on the many happy times we spent together.

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