In Search of the Best Pain Clinic in Los Angeles: Diagnostic Blocks

By | November 14, 2012

Here a selective nerve root block isolates the R L4 root. An injection of a tiny amount of local anesthetic produced complete relief of his pain. A limited surgical procedure undertaken on the basis of this nerve block was likewise effective.

I would like to return to a topic that we have dealt with before in our search for the best pain clinic in LA, diagnostic blocks.  When I was in medical school, before chronic pain became a big business diagnostic work was clearly the way that the skill of the practitioner was judged.  In fact in most places the clinics were not even called pain clinics, but rather nerve block clinics, conjuring up images of a wizened old man carefully placing long thin needles in almost unimaginable places.  Furthermore his skill was easily evaluated by his colleagues, because if he said that the problem was at say, L2-3 and an operation at that spot failed to solve the problem, the accuracy of the diagnostic block was obviously in question.  In today’s world we have poorly trained practitioners with no real knowledge of their past or their art randomly injecting steroids of questionable sterility into poorly characterized places with equivocal results at best.  And we call this progress.  At Schlesinger Pain Centers we still pride ourselves on being able to hit the target and produce reliable results.

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