In Search of the Best Pain Clinic in Los Angeles: Inversion Not Excision

By | November 30, 2012

Stan isn’t the only one displaying bat-like tendencies.

The best pain clinic in LA would always be concerned with future problems, not just the complaint which brings the patient in today. In addition the best pain clinic in Los Angeles would always look for the best solution to a problem, not the easiest. Perhaps the best way to illustrate is point is with a recent case at Schlesinger Pain Centers. A friend of mine came into the office the other day with a recurrence of his back pain and sciatica. When I looked at the schedule early in the morning I had initially been quite pleased because when I observed Stan (not his real name) on the golf course he seemed have good mobility in his spine and no significant pain and we hadn’t needed to see him in the office for over a year, but when I looked at his new MRI of the lumbar spine in preparation for his visit my mood changed dramatically. The protruding disc at L4-5 seemed bigger than I had remembered. I immediately pulled up his previous two MRI exams for comparison and sure enough, the disc protrusion was bigger. I told Stan that while I was reasonably certain that I could knock out his pain with one or two lumbar epidural steroid injections (LESI) and save his holiday season, I was less sanguine about next year. Furthermore, while a surgeon could remove the protruding part of the disc, I was afraid that this might weaken his spine down the road. Stan, like the rest of us has a busy life and while he watches his weight and gets to the gym a couple of times a week he isn’t really involved in an organized program of preventative spine care. I told him that this is what he needed and that he should start a program of daily inversion and yoga. Stan was enthusiastic and after his lumbar epidural steroid injection he went across the hall to check out the inversion machine. I am pleased to say that he ordered an inversion table online that evening and is fast becoming a regular.

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