On The Meaningful Use Of Electronic Medical Records: Programmers Make Better Doctors

By | December 21, 2012


I am sorry about missing Wednesday’s installment of this blog but I was busy programming. I was working on this section of code and literally couldn’t tear my self away from it. Like most programmers I know I find well-written code to be a thing of beauty almost like poetry. In each case the goal is to convey a precise message as clearly and in as few words as possible. Furthermore I would contend that programming makes for better medicine, because in order to program effectively you must first examine what you do and break each component of care into its smallest component parts and then examine how these parts fit together. In the process one is forced to examine whether there is a better way to perform the action or to describe it. In this way an EMR not only saves time because using the poetry analogy a well written section of code will allow the end user to describe a normal procedure in as few clicks and keystrokes as possible, yet document unusual procedures in complete detail, but offers us at Schlesinger Pain Centers an opportunity for continuous quality improvement as the programmer, yours truly continually examines what we do and how we document it.

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