Masters 2015: A Job Well Done

By | April 13, 2015

A peoples champion - we can only hope.

A peoples champion – we can only hope.

As I sit here preparing for the workweek to start here at Schlesinger Pain Centers I have been thinking about Jordan Spieth and the show he put on. Spieth came to Augusta for one purpose, to win the Masters and silence the critics after last years collapse. He accomplished his goal and along the way established two records and tied a third, but he never allowed himself to be distracted from his primary purpose, which was simply to win. More important the crowd loved him at it appeared that he loved the crowd. In a game where champions of late have been arrogant or aloof, it was nice to see him high fiving the fans on his way to turn in his card. We can only hope that his dazzling talent and sparkling personality both are on display for years to come.

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