SPC Yoga Class, Take 2

By | June 13, 2011


Would you have the heart to turn her away?

The response to our regular Tuesday night yoga class has been extremely gratifying. You have enjoyed yourselves and brought along family and friends. Participants regularly report decreased pain and stress levels. Many patients have made substantial progress in strength and flexibility. One patient has even been able to return to a folk dancing class she was not able to participate in for quite some time.


We have been so successful that there is now a waiting list to get into the Tuesday class and last week there was actually a shortage of mats and floor space. We care deeply about the quality of the experience that our participants enjoy, yet we hate turning anyone away. As result we will be capping the class at 10 participants and at the same time we will be inaugurating our second weekly yoga class on Thursday. This class, like the Tuesday class will be directed mainly at chronic pain patients who are just getting started with yoga.


Plans are already being made for a third yoga class, which we hope to start as early as this fall. We are looking at the idea of an intermediate and advanced class. As people progress through level one classes they will have the opportunity move on to more challenging positions as well as areas of special interest. If there proves to be sufficient demand we will look at the possibility of early morning and lunchtime yoga.

To start your Yoga Therapy and assure a place in one of our classes please call Jackie @ 818-845-8100.


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