Neuromodulation: Pumps 101

The Synchromed II is the most advance pump on the market.

The intrathecal instillation of medication is an extremely powerful neuromodulation technique to relieve certain types of severe pain. Physicians first began injecting medications in the area of the spinal cord over 100 years ago and found that they could relieve very intense pain states with tiny amounts of medicine. Over the years better medications and better delivery mechanisms have been developed extending the range and efficacy of this technique.


Common uses for this technique include cancer pain, certain types of severe leg pain, back pain and abdominal pain. At the present time the Medtronic Synchromed II is the only programmable implantable intrathecal pump approved for use in the United States. It comes in 20cc and a 40cc model and can hold enough medicine for between 1 and 6 months of therapy. The medication reservoir can be easily refilled through the skin using strict aseptic technique and a special 22 gauge non-coring needle. Reprogramming of the pump via remote control is quick, simple and painless. We at Schlesinger Pain Centers are one of the largest implanters of this device in Los Angeles and one of the most experienced offices for their care and reprogramming.



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