Long Term Relationships

At Schlesinger Pain Centers we pride ourselves in knowing what you hope to get out of your visits with us. We know because we took the time to ask you in the beginning and have kept up a running dialogue with you ever since.

Since for most of our patients pain is either a chronic or recurrent condition, finding a pain management specialist that you can trust and establishing a long-term relationship with him is essential. This is because ideally you want to have the periodic flair ups of your pain treated as part of a continuous process, rather than as a series of separate events. In this way it may be possible to prevent or forestall the occurrence of these flair ups rather than just treat them. In addition the treatment of your pain is likely to evolve over time. Strategies and techniques that may have worked in your 20’s and 30’s may not as effective in your 50’s and 60’s. This continuity of care allows your pain management specialist to stay ahead of your pain, maximizing pain relief and function, while minimizing side effects.


At Schlesinger Pain Centers, we have always prized these long-term relationships. We have been treating many of our patients for 10 years and longer. We have helped them through surgery and major illnesses and we understand who our patients are as individuals and what their short and long-term goals are. This kind of knowledge is essential in developing the individualized treatment plans that can spell the difference between success and failure when the disease processes become chronic and the goals, palliative rather than curative.


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