Cancer Pain: Pain in Cancer Survivors


Knowledge is power! Find out what is causing your pain and what can be done about it. Relief of your pain and other cancer related symptoms may be simpler than you think.

Cure is the primary focus for most cancer patients. But what do you do when you have achieved cure or at least remission, but are not living happily ever after? What do you do when you have beaten the cancer, but still suffer from aches or pains that are hard to explain and perhaps even harder to treat?


We at Schlesinger Pain Centers understand that cancer survivors often suffer from lingering side effects of the cancer and its treatment. We understand that accurate diagnosis of the causes of your pain is the essential first step toward effective treatment. In the same way that chemotherapy needs to be customized in order to maximize chances for cure, pain therapy needs to be individualized in order to maximize the relief of pain and the restoration of function. While some of these syndromes result for damage done by the tumor itself, others may result from surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Some of these syndromes are temporary and self-limited, while others are permanent and progressive. All need individualized treatment.


Another aspect of cancer care, which we address in all of our patients, are the associated syndromes and comorbidities, which often accompany cancer and its treatment. These include loss of appetite, loss of muscle mass and strength, balance and equilibrium problems as well as the psychological toll of a prolonged illness and it treatment.


We at Schlesinger Pain Centers work with some of the best oncology practices in Los Angeles and have a very wide experience dealing with the pain of cancer and the pain of cure. Call for an appointment for an in depth consultation. While we cannot promise a cure, we can perhaps provide a few answers.


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