Inversion Tables 101

The Teeter is so much fun that some of the staff ask if they can go play on it during their coffee breaks.

One of the primary goals of every physician is to make himself dispensable. The ultimate goal of any active therapy is to return the patient to a state of health, which allows for life to proceed without constant active therapy. In this spirit inversion therapy is the next step after traction. It provides continued chronic spinal decompression therapy after an active period of traction and helps prevent a return of the pain.


The tables are small enough and inexpensive enough for home use, although some gyms and health clubs are beginning to make them available to their members. We have a Teeter 650 in our office for our patients. This allows you to try inversion to see if you like the therapy before you purchase one. It also gives us a chance to make sure that you can use the machine safely.


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